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The Pandora Papers investigation, which involved a consortium of some 600 journalists from a variety of global media outlets, is based on the leak of some 11.9 million documents from 14 financial services companies around the globe.

Some 35 world leaders and more than 100 billionaires are implicated in the leaked documents. Among those named in the files are British prime minister Tony Blair, associates of Russian president Vladimir Putin, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Czech prime minister Andrej Babis.
Leaked financial papers published by an international group of investigative journalists Sunday implicated Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close associates — including his alleged mistress — in amassing secret offshore assets.

The documents link Mr Putin to secret assets in Monaco. A woman who was reported to be in a relationship with the Russian leader became the owner of a luxury fourth-floor apartment in Monte Carlo in 2003 weeks after giving birth.

The leaked documents also claim that the King of Jordan secretly spent more than £70m on a property empire in the UK and US.

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is alleged to have used a network of secretly owned firms in the British Virgin Islands to purchase 15 homes since coming to power in 1999, including properties in California and London.

Thanks to documents in the Pandora papers, the Guardian can identify the flat’s buyer – a woman, 28 years old in 2003, and at the time unknown. Name: Svetlana Krivonogikh. In the space of a few years, around the turn of the millennium, Krivonogikh became extremely wealthy. She acquired a flat in a prestigious compound in her home city of St Petersburg, properties in Moscow, a yacht, and other assets, worth an estimated $100m.

In 2020, the investigative website Proekt – one of Russia’s few remaining independent media outlets – claimed Krivonogikh formed a friendship with Putin when he was St Petersburg’s deputy mayor. She became Putin’s lover, it alleged.

Regardless of the exact nature of their relationship, they seem to have been close. The scant public evidence indicates they travelled together on the same planes, for example, as Putin climbed towards power. In 1998, he became the FSB spy agency chief, then prime minister, and in 2000, president as Boris Yeltsin’s successor.

The Kremlin has not commented. Putin does not discuss his private life. He and his wife, Lyudmila – who have two daughters, Masha and Katerina – divorced in 2013.

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