Leonid Mikhelson

Leonid Mikhelson or Леонид Михельсон was born in 1955 in Kaspiysk, Russia and lives in Moscow. He is married and has one child. In 2012, he was named the second richest Russian in a series of articles, including by Bloomberg. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Professor of Economics at the University of Moscow. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Civil Engineering in Samara, graduating in 1997. Michelson is known as a well-known patron of art in Russia, having founded a not-for-profit institute to promote contemporary art in Russia. 

In August 2012, Michelsons or Mikhelson was named by Bloomberg as Russia’s second-richest man. He has worked to build a successful company that has helped him secure his position as a leader both in his native Russia and abroad.

In 2014 Леонид Михельсон ranked as the 5th richest Russian, with a net worth of $11.7 billion, and is considered to be the 99th wealthiest billionaire in the world according to Forbes (having slid down from 47th place in 2013, when he was valued at over $15.4 billion).

The Russian oligarch first ventured into leadership when he took over as head of Rosneft, Russia’s largest natural gas producer, from the Tyumen region east of the Urals. During his time at the company, he was involved in overseeing work to build a new gas pipeline from the Russian Arctic to Europe. 

Leonid Mikhelson is best known for being the founder of Sibur, Russia’s largest natural gas producer. He bought Sibur from Gazprom in 2010 for $1.3 billion. This prompted Mikhelson to acquire a majority stake in Russia’s second-largest oil and gas company, S Petrochemical. Last year, Sibur signalled that it would list 10 to 15 companies on the Moscow Stock Exchange that would value the company at more than $25 billion. 

Russian businessman Gennady Timchenko is one of Michelson’s most prominent business partners in Russia. He has helped to strengthen his diverse portfolio by investing in a number of Russian banks – small ones – as well as in private equity firms and investment banks. 

The Russian oligarch is said to have held 24.75% of Novatek shares before the purchase and owns a stake in the company worth around $1.5 billion, or about $3.2 billion. According to media reports in Moscow, Novatesk still has $2 billion in already allocated funds with which it can buy back some of its shares and reduce the number of shares. 

Novatek is said to be a sponsor of the Russian Football Union, while Sibur has taken on a role in promoting basketball in the country as well as other sports such as football and baseball.

Novatek’s total revenue was $1.5 billion in the first quarter of 2016, up from $2.1 billion a year ago. Net profit rose 4.7%, “it said in a press release from the company’s chief financial officer, Mikhail Kuznetsov. 

Leonid Mikhelson (Леонид Михельсон)‘s net worth is estimated at $27.3 billion in 2019, the largest in Russia, according to Forbes. The largest shareholder of the group is Gennady Timchenko’s Volga Group investment firm, which holds 48.5% of the company. Its second largest shareholder (17%) is his brother, Igor Sechin, a lawyer and businsecond-largestho is also the chairman of Novatek. 

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